Technology Education at St. Paul’s

computer-lab1-300x225 The St. Paul’s Computer Lab was installed in 2001 and went through a second complete upgrade with new monitors and computers in 2011. It contains 24 computers on which students learn basic and advanced computer and research skills. These computers as well as those in all classrooms have continuous internet access.

Each classroom is equipped with TVs and VCR/DVDs. Our DVD library is growing and each classroom has a cable connection to access outside resources.


Technology classes are taught to all grade levels, K—8. Grades K-2 learn the basics of using a computer and beginning word processing. They also use the computers for drill and practice in other subject areas, particularly reading. Grades 3-8 learn many things about using the computer as a tool for completing school projects and other life activities. The goal of our computer education program is to give our students the skills to participate in a computer-based society.

The staff also makes use of our computers to assist with reading education. The students take a regular test that determines each student’s reading level. Progress is noted and alerts are given when a student may need special attention.

Each classroom is equipped with a television and VCR/DVD. This will enable us to make better use of educational video technology. All classrooms have a Smartboard as well. Smartboard technology gives hands-on access to the classroom computer through a large interactive whiteboard. Teachers use the Smartboards to present lessons; many of which involve the students with hands-on involvement. Teachers can receive immediate feedback on a lesson through the use of the Smart Response system which uses hand held devices for student input.

Every computer in the building has continuous access to the internet through a wireless connection. Our students are trained in safe and God-pleasing use of the internet and all technology.


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