ScripNow Sign Up

ScripNow Sign Up Instructions

  1. Go to and click Register on the top right of the page.
  2. Select ‘Join a Scrip Program’.
  3. Enter our school’s enrollment code: 74495BCL4173 and click ‘Register’.
  4. Fill out the Register form with your information. **If you’ve already been ordering SCRIP through our school’s program, we have an account created for you. Contact your coordinator for your log in info.
  5. Once you enter your info, they will send a code to your cell phone that you will need to enter to verify your phone and further protect your account. When this step is completed, your account will be registered.

Now your account is established with ShopWithScrip and you can start using the program.

  1. From the ShopWithScrip home page, click on Dashboard in the upper right hand side of the page.
  2. To place an order, click Express Order.
         a. You can also view order history, track your rebate and manage your personal settings here.
  3. The order you place will be sent to your Scrip Coordinator and you will need to pay with a check before the order is released.
         a. Follow instructions below to set up Presto Pay to avoid waiting!
  4. Orders are placed once weekly on Monday mornings so be sure to get your order in before then so you can receive your cards by Wednesday afternoon.

Presto Pay is another feature of ShopWithScrip that makes using St. Paul’s PTO Scrip Program easy and convenient.

  1. When you are logged in to your ShopWithScrip account, go to your Dashboard.
  2. Click on PrestoPay which is towards to bottom right of the page.
  3. After you read the disclaimer, click ‘Yes, I agree’ to continue.
  4. Here you will need to enter in your bank and checking account information.
  5. Once you click next, it will tell you that within the next couple days ShopWithScrip will send two deposits to the checking account you entered. You will need to write these two amounts down when they come through.
  6. When you have the two deposit amounts (usually for a couple cents each), you need to log back into your account and click on PrestoPay again. There should be a red exclamation point next to it now, reminding you to verify that account. Enter the two deposit amounts in the space provided.
  7. When the deposits amounts have been verified, ShopWithScrip will generate a 4 digit code that you need to give to your Scrip Coordinator. As soon as the Coordinator enters that verification code into the Scrip database, your ScripNow account will be ready to use right away!
  8. To make your ScripNow shopping easier: go to on your smartphone and add the browser to your home screen. It will now look like an app on your phone and will be easy to locate on the go!

Contact Emily Lembrich, SCRIP Coordinator, for questions: 920-285-8781 or


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