Lutheran Girl Pioneers Schedule

Lutheran Girl Pioneers

The Girls will meet in the Children’s Ministry area of St. Paul’s Church. Please use The Escape doors to enter and exit.

Leslie Willitz — Caravan Leader

Girl Pioneers 2016-2017 Schedule


Sept. 12          Registration 6-7pm Register and Enjoy an Ice Cream Sundae


**Sept. 19      Sunbeams—Beach Ball Icebreaker Game

                        Travelers—Intro to Cooking

                        Trailblazers and Homesteaders—Intro to Sewing/Pincushion


Sept. 23-25     Camp Phillip District Camp for 5th-8th Grades


Oct. 3              Fall Outing at Ralph Park with Boy Pioneers

                        Time Change: 5-6:30pm


**Oct. 17        *Bring your Pine Cars and Boy Pioneers will help cut out

                        Service Project—All Groups CLEAN CHAIRS IN FELLOWSHIP HALL

                        Sunbeams—Nature Walk

                        Travelers—Pumpkins and More Pumpkins

                        Trailblazers and Homesteaders—Sewing Terms


TBA                November Fall Fun Day, 1st-4th Grades, Skate Express


**Nov. 7         Sunbeams—Leaf Rubbings and Painting

                        Travelers—Identifying Kitchen Appliances and Terms and Snacks

                        Trailblazers—Ribbon Bookmarks

                        Homesteaders—Independent Living Charm Intro


Nov. 13           Serve Coffee Hour—Girls please bring a half dozen donuts


Nov. 15           Swimming (Note this is a Tuesday)


**Nov. 28      Sunbeams—Clothespin Caterpillars

                        Travelers—Cookie Fun

                        Trailblazers—Sewing Pencil Cases

                        Homesteaders—Plastic Canvas Crosses


**Dec. 5         Sunbeams and Travelers—Advent Centerpieces

                        Trailblazers and Homesteaders—Sewing Machine Christmas Trees


Dec. 7              Serve the Advent Meal


Dec. 19            Christmas Caroling and Ornament Exchange

                        *Please be sure glass ornaments are well wrapped or avoided


Jan. 9               Pajama Party and Bingo

                        *Please bring 2 wrapped $1 prizes


Jan. 21             This is a Saturday, 11am-3pm

                        All Girls are invited to join the Boy Pioneers at Hoard Curtis for a camp fire and   sledding.


**Jan. 23         Sunbeams—Valentine’s Day Craft

                        Travelers—Drinks and Placemats

                        Trailblazers and Homesteaders—Begin Church Banner with Judy Reu


Feb. 6              Valentine Tea for Parents and Grandparents


Feb. 11 &12    Pine Car Derby

*Track will be set up Saturday late afternoon for test runs with scale and weights available—it is recommended for all Sunday Race Girls to register at 2pm with the race starting at 2:30pm.


**Feb. 27        Sunbeams—Decorate Pencil Holders

                        Travelers—Experimenting in the Kitchen

                        Trailblazers and Homesteaders—Finish banner with Judy Reu


**March 6     Sunbeams—Watercolor Cross Craft

                        Travelers—Easter Craft

                        Trailblazers and Homesteaders—Lenten Center Piece


March 8           Serve Lenten Meal


**March 27   Sunbeams—Dirt Cups


                        Trailblazers—Fleece Pillows

                        Homesteaders—Plan Meals for Parents


April 3           Roller Skating with Boy Pioneers at Skate Express in Watertown

                        We will be leaving school at 3:15pm and returning between 7-7:30.


April 22           District Pine Car Race at St. Paul’s, Wisconsin Rapids


**April 24     Sunbeams—String Letters

                        Travelers—Chill and Review

                        Trailblazers—Finger Weaving

                        Homesteaders—Prepare and Serve Meal for Parents

Parents come early for snack at 7pm and see what your girls have worked on all year.


May 1              Cook Out at Schwab’s Starting at 6pm.


As always, parents are welcome and encouraged to attend any and all meetings. Your help with Pioneers will make the program stronger and better.

** Denotes a Charm Requirement Meeting. Girls need to attend six of the nine meetings to receive a charm. As always, parents are welcome and encouraged to attend any and all meetings. Your help with Pioneers will make the program stronger and better.


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