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Summer Learning

Summer Learning—there are things that all parents can do to help promote learning experiences for your child. Here are some tips from a news bit by NBC 15 in Madison.

  •   A Library Trip: “At Wisconsin public libraries, there are lots of opportunities to explore. Doing fun science experiments, craft opportunities, and I would suggest using that library as an inspiration for what you might be interested in,” says Michaelson Schmidt.
  •   A mini-field trip. Even if it’s your own backyard: “It might be a trip to the museum, but it might just be a trip around your block and doing some counting or looking at something you found in a book and well, what’s in our neighborhood?”
  •   “You don’t need to buy a lot of fancy things, you don’t need to be the summer teacher for your child. Just to stay engaged, and to find things that they’re interested in, you’re interested in, and as many conversations or books or things that you can do together that kind of have that freedom of summer but also still keep the learning happening.”


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